Our Training

As you are probably starting to realise The Maritime Volunteer Service is a unique organisation within the British Isles; a not for profit training organisation dedicated to keeping maritime skills alive. The way we train is also pretty unique, we have a laid down training program, we call it The Training Pathway in MVS Poole, which is designed to give you skills which will enable you to eventually competently and safely skipper a boat at sea.


We use RYA courses and examinations as benchmarks along the way. Time is always on our side, "It takes as long as it takes" is an often used phrase within MVS Poole.


Our training can be broken down into three distinct elements. Classroom training, which takes place in a variety of venues around Poole every Monday night, this is much like a night school.


Then we have afloat training which is formal training aboard one of our five boats, this also takes place on Monday nights and throught the rest of the week, daytime or evening.


Once you have mastered the basics then there is practical training during which we can be doing a variety of tasks for one of many different organisations.


We believe that we can turn a total landlubber into a half decent MCA qualified skipper in three to five years depending on the time that person has available and their aptitude.