Our People

Our members come from all walks of life and cover all age ranges, their boating experience also varies from complete landlubber,  to extremely experienced salty sea dog types.


Every member has a different reason for joining us and likes and dislikes various aspects of our organisation. The one thing that unites them all is a love of the sea and a desire to learn more about it and to become better and safer sailors. We especially welcome people who are able to commit to giving time in the day during the week, we have quite a strong daytimers section that for one reason or another are available when most people have to work.


We have people who join us to increase their skill level with the intention of switching career or moving up the promotion ladder. We welcome this because in pursuing their goals they become active long term members who do a lot of good in the unit and within the harbour and town of Poole;  Craig's Story.


Of course we also have members who join us because they want to learn about boats or just keep their hours up and enjoy working and spending time on and around the harbour.  Jacky's Story,  and this is good for us and Poole as well.  To read our members' stories just click on their names, they are real people and will be happy to introduce themselves to you when you join us.