Tom Sherrin

Tom Sherrin is our classic launch. She is a timber built twenty seven foot pilot boat powered by a 120hp Ford Sabre diesel engine. Her stability and handling capabilities make her the perfect boat to teach basic boat handling and navigation in. Built locally for Poole Pilots she was used in that role for over twenty years before being sent to Alderney for the same purpose until the year 2000.  She returned home after her foreign travels and has been loved and cherished by MVS Poole ever since.  

She is at the moment owned by Richard Rees, an ex Head of Unit and now Head of Seamanship at MVS Poole who charters the boat to us. As she is of significant local historical importance The Heritage Lottery Fund has advised us to apply for the money to purchase and restore her. We are hopeful that the application will be successful and she can be fully returned to her former glory.


Currently Tom Sherrin is in dry dock in Portsmouth dockyard, where a full survey and assessment is being carried out. This is in preparation for a grant application so that major restoration of this wooden vessel, nearly 50yrs old and deserving of a refit, can be carried out. This work, if completed, will enable the vessel to return to Poole where we she will once again play a full part for the benefit of Poole MVS and the people of Poole and East Dorset.


Tomsherrin is being restored at IBTC Portsmouth.

Please visit : - The Tomsherrin Restoration site.