About Us

The Maritime Volunteer Service is a voluntary, uniformed, maritime training organisation with a difference. It is dedicated to promoting and maintaining Great Britain's maritime heritage. It does this through a program of shore based and afloat training that is unique to them but uses the RYA courses and examinations as milestones on what we in MVS Poole call the training pathway. It also has other stated aims and objectives that allow it to support and assist local people and organisations. 


As well as giving high quality training to our members at a very affordable cost; we go on to encourage those members to use the skills they develop or already possess to help and serve our local community in many ways, most related to the sea.


If you would like to know more about the national operation click here.


Some of Us


MVS Poole is one of the largest and most dynamic of the thirty plus units that are scattered around the coast and estuaries of Great Britain. In 2013 we numbered in excess of seventy members. We welcome all adults, the only stipulations are that you must be over seventeen years old and be able to get on and off a boat, that is, if you wish to take an active part in the seamanship or engineering sections.


Of course, we do have other roles within the organisation, maybe your strengths are in planning or communications, or perhaps you enjoy administration or organising people or events. We are constantly looking for people with these strengths to support us in an operational, administrative or fund raising role. 


Our People come in all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds, they range from cleaners to bankers and cover everything in between. Our youngerst member is twenty and our oldest is seventy six. To find out more about our people and to read some of their stories  click here.