Shell Bay Vessel Training


September and October saw the MVS undertake two large training exercises in Shell Bay. These gave members opportunities to practice man-over-board recovery and a variety of other boat training on the two Launches, as well as opportunities to try out the RIB in sea conditions without the usual speed restrictions found in the harbour, as well as an introduction to using the Jet Skis too.


Here's an account by Chris, photos from Iain:


Shell Bay Training


A warm sunny Saturday was an ideal time to try out most of the Poole MVS fleet. A convoy of both launches, the rib and two jet skis was joined in Shell Bay by a larger 5 seater rib from Harbour Challenge giving us a chance to experience handling a range of different vessels with no speed restrictions.


The weather was ideal and a slight swell gave enough waves to be fun and interesting without presenting any danger to inexperienced coxes, myself included. I have been a MVS member for about two years and although now quite an experienced crew member on the launches have had only a few trips on the rib at low 'harbour' speed and was frankly a bit nervous of the jet skis.


Shell Bay Training
On our 'Day in the Bay' I was able to drive both ribs at high speed (about 20 knts I'm told) which was great fun and very informative regarding boat handling. It also gave a big boost to my confidence and a chance to practice and reinforce my classroom theory training.

So much so that, having watched some of the others trying a jet ski, I was sufficiently fired up to give it a go myself! I really never thought that at my age, 69, I would be mad enough to get on one of these things but soon discovered it was actually great fun. True, I was only brave enough to open the throttle to about 40% and attempting a turn at that speed was out of the question but with practice who knows! You can teach old dogs!

All in all a Grand Day Out. Thanks to Iain and all who helped organise it, thoroughly recommended.


Shell Bay Training


Man Over Board Training