MVS Poole Unit help Ben Fogle

MVS Poole Unit help Ben Fogle with his new series of Harbour Lives


On Thursday 12th June, MVS Poole Unit were pleased to have the opportunity to help Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC) by lending their Yamaha Personal Watercraft (PWC) Vasco 1 to Ben Fogle, the English adventurer, author, broadcaster and writer, best known for his presenting roles with Channel 5, BBC and ITV, so that he could go on patrol with Rosie from PHC as part of his second series of “Harbour Lives”.


It started with a phone call on the Monday from PHC requesting to borrow the PWC the following day for filming. Somebody would be required to prepare it for use and to show Ben the controls.


Despite very busy work commitments, phone calls were quickly made by Trevor Ashworth (Head of Unit) and Mark Enticknapp (PWC Co-Ordinator) to find somebody available at such short notice. This was made more challenging as the day for filming kept being pushed back!


Ben Fogel on Vasco 1

Eventually a volunteer was found and arrangements were made to meet at the Port of Poole Marina on Wednesday for a refresher briefing which could then be given to Ben…which then changed to the Thursday as the filming day changed again!


This happened to be a quite fortunate as the day turned out to be the warmest day of the year so far and four MVS Members were able to assist with cleaning and preparing Vasco 1 to make sure she was in the best condition to represent MVS Poole Unit and MVS as a whole.


Ben was very relaxed and friendly and showed a keen interest in the work that MVS do. He was very grateful for the loan of the PWC and suggested that ITV donate one of the GoPro cameras that were being placed on her to us…but this did not seem to be taken too seriously by the Director…judging by the way he laughed!


After a brief pre-start check demonstration by PHC and some practice manoeuvring in the marina, including recovery to the versadock, Rosie and Ben headed out to the Harbour with the film crew following on PHC’s Targa 25 “Vigilant”, accompanied by Iain Rainford from MVS Poole acting as PWC chaperone and assistant (just in case)…and to clean it at the end of filming!


We look forward to seeing the broadcast programme and hope that Vasco and MVS are well featured in order to promote the work we all do and hopefully to gain new members and much needed funds!


Thanks go to Mark Enticknapp for liaising with Hermione Drew of Shiver TV to enable the shoot to take place and to Iain Rainford, Neil Davison and Mark Gregory for helping to prepare the PWC on the day and being on hand to answer questions and promote MVS.